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Največja dovoljena količina za ta izdelek je 100000.

Variety of the grapes 60% Vitovska/40% Malvasia
Production area Doc Carso, Friuli Venezia Giulia
Year 2022
Soil terra rossa Carsica ricca di ferro e calcare
Type of planting Guyot 8/10 gemme
Resa Qli/Ha 70/80
Vinification over-ripening on the vine with late harvest
Malolactic fermentation not carried out
Aging in stainless steel tanks
Alcohol content vol. 12,50%
Colour slightly dark yellow with greenish reflections
Smell mix di frutta fresca
Flavour fresh, fruity and mineral
Pairings a wine to enjoy throughout the meal
Service temperature 12°
Volume 0.75 l

A blend researched with attention and immense sensitivity, made up of two vines, the variety; native of Malvasia and the ancient Vitovska vine, to create a wine with a particular character, able to surprise already from the very beginning. at the first sip.

In the small hamlet of Doberbò del Lago, a few kilometers from the border with Slovenia, in the beating heart of the Gorizia Karst, is; the  Kovac family has been here for centuries. We are located in a land of borders and memories, battle scene of the bloody Great War and immersed in a very suggestive landscape, painted by the red colors of the ferrous rocks and the white dyes of the limestone fragments. 

Underground rivers, ruined walls and scenic caves have covered the land for years, making viticulture very difficult. The RUJ cellar of the Kovac company, which has lived in these rocky lands for several generations, knows this well. 

At first, blacksmiths (from the Slovenian kovač), then winegrowers and farmers, decided to open an agritourism, offering to tourists the possibility; to taste their exclusive and tasty local products, including wine.

Over the years they have specialized more and more; in the production of the nectar of Bacchus, also building a spectacular underground cellar dug into the rock at a depth of 300 meters. of 10 meters, in which the temperature is; kept fresh and constant 

all year round.

The Ruj winery is one of the most popular wineries in the world. managed by 2 brothers under the careful guidance of their father Aldo. Ivan is the keeper of the vineyards, and Andrej takes care of the cellar, takes care of sales and marketing. The typical autochthonous grapes of the area are grown, such as Terrano, Vitovska and Malvasia. The vineyards, spread over 4 hectares of vineyards, are touched throughout the year (but especially in summer) by the bora, a katabatic wind that blows from the east/northeast towards the entire gulf of Trieste. 

Furthermore, the vines have their roots in a stratified terrain of various compositions, in which a line of red earth connects the different levels of limestone, clay, shells and stalactites.

Since the karst terrain has an average of 20/30 cm covered with red earth, we are forced to dig trenches 40 cm wide and 1 meter deep for all the rows with the hammer of large excavators. Then these trenches are emptied of the rocky material and replaced with red earth found in some sinkholes nearby.

This onerous work gives many benefits to the plants in the long term. After 4 years that the vine develops the vigor of the roots, we have a greater absorption of nutrients, but above all when the roots reach one meter in the wall of the trench, we have fewer water stress problems.